Wine Making


Step 1 

Choose the Varietal that you would like to make here. 

 All wines are 23 litres and will make approx 30 bottles

CALL US TO ORDER: 250-762-2337.

Step 2 

Tell us how you'd like it customized by using less or more oak, making it little sweeter or a little drier,  or adding carbonation to make it sparkly!

Step 3 

Come into store to pay for your wine and pitch the yeast.This step is quite easy and very quick, but it's very important and a legal requirement.  

Step 4 

We take care of the rest! For the next 5-8 weeks we take care of the primary fermenting, racking, stirs, clarifying, cold crashing, and filtering. 

Step 5 

When your wine is ready we will contact you to let you know and you can use our online booking system to chose a date and time. 

Step 6 

For bottling day make sure your bottles have been cleaned using an effective method. Upon arrival you will bring your bottles to the sanitizing station.

Step 7 

We will be with you every step of the way for using our 4 bottle autofill until and automatic corker. We have labels and shrink tops available to decorate your bottle 

Step 8 

We recommend you store it in a cool dark place around 8°C - 14°C. Garages and cold storage work as well. Our craft wines are made without commercial preservatives so we recommend staying in the guidelines for aging. 

Step 9 

Make sure to place your next order before its all gone, remember it takes 1-2 months to make.